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A trade fair is also known as trade show, trade exhibition, or trade exposition. It is an event organized in a specific industry or sector to help businesses showcase their products and services and meet with relevant partners and customers.

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A Trade Fair is an opportunity to study the competition, analysis new market trends and find new opportunities. Trade exhibitions and can be business to business or business to consumers or hybrids of the two. They are held on a continuing basis in virtually all markets and normally attract companies from around the globe.

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Some Tradefairs are open to the public, while others can only be attended by businesses and members of the trade or professionals. Others for open to the general public. Therefore, trade shows are classified as either “public” or “trade only”.

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You can simply use the filters in this home page and select your specific industry or sector, the countries of interest, dates and more, and you will be provided with the relevant short list of trade fairs of interest to you. You can then select any of them and see the details of it.
When you select to see the details of any trade exhibition, you will be presented with a plethora of information, including the industry or sector specialism, the dates, the venue, the organisers and moreover the type of public and other business related information that can help you determine the quality of any trade show for your business.
You do not have to pay anything to navigate the whole set of information of the website, including the details of any trade show. It is completely free and the directory with all its tools is fully available to use with no costs attached to it.
You do not need to register to navigate and use the website. You can use it with no obligations and can find and search for all the trade fairs that you like. There is no limit to the number of searches. If you want to receive updates and more insights in your mailbox, you can simply register, should you wish and at no cost, to our newsletter.
There are no costs to add an exhibition, event, trade show or trade fair to the site. If you are an event organiser just register yourself and post your event filling all the details. If any problem, please be in contact with us.

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